With DES access to essential services also means business opportunities

DES is backed up by the robust support of ACN, our organizational headquarters, with over 30 years of experience enabling independent business owners to achieve economic freedom.

Start saving money and building independence

Our Mision

DES provides essential services like telecommunications, energy and healthcare for homes and businesses. DES empowers users to become leaders in providing essential services, while reaching economic freedom

Our Vision

To transform the way individuals  buy essential services by promoting and supporting local, small business owners for the greater good of communities. 


Community-Centric Excellence

We prioritize our local community and small businesses, delivering top-notch essential services that contribute to their success.


Upholding our clients' trust is paramount; we ensure this through honesty, openness, and accountability in all our business dealings.


We foster an environment of mutual respect and teamwork, leveraging the strengths of each team member to achieve superior service delivery.


Embracing change and innovation, we constantly improve our services, always assuring the highest quality in everything we deliver.

Sustainable Practices

Our commitment to the environment and future of our community is reflected in our dedication to incorporating sustainable practices within our operations.

You invest in your local community

With DES you invest in your local community every time you pay your bills. We have the infrastructure that allows independence from big services providers, enabling communities to become autonomous when accessing essential services.

IBO# 01505916


Texas , United States

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